Official Symbols

Novosibirsk Coat of Arms

The coat of arms complements the stylized image of the bridge over the Ob River. The coat is topped with a golden crown with five three-point spikes. The chargers are black sables. There is wavy crossed band at the foot of the coat whose colors match the city flag. At mid-bottom, there is a dark-red bow on top of two black upturned arrows.

The silvery-black thin belt on the coat of arms symbolizes the Trans-Siberian Trunk Railway. The number of spikes on the crown shows the status of the settlement, highlighting that Novosibirsk is a regional center.

The sables, bow, and arrows are borrowed from the historical coat of arms of Siberia and comply with heraldic rules in terms of colors, proportions, and elements’ arrangement.

Other options the coat of arms

Novosibirsk Flag

The flag is diagonally divided into green and white portions by a blue wavy line. The green field symbolizes health and Siberia’s rich natural resources, and the white field symbolizes Siberia’s purity and snow. The blue sling with white waves represents the Ob River on which the city stands.